1Z2A5902I have had the Canon macro lens for several months and it has been sitting on the shelf unused. I did use it a while back to shoot some jewellery pics and they turned out great. The lens is very sharp and provides great detail for macro work. How does it fare for landscapes? Well I went out yesterday with just that lens. I found that it is razor sharp focusing out to infinity as well! I have used other macro lenses before and found that they don’t focus too well at infinity. I used a Gitzo Explorer 2220 aluminum tripod and Canon 5D MK iii.

And of course it is amazing for Macros! Overall, I really like this lens. It has great image stabilization and the images are very sharp. I will certainly be using this on more of my shoots!

Amit Garg

Amit Garg

To preserve your wedding, family and event memories, book Amit Garg as your photographer.

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